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Owning a computer is almost an essential in today's technological world. Once you have decided on the operating system that you will use (it could be Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac or one of the family of Linux), you also will face many decisions about which programs will run off it. They can include Word Processing or Spread sheet programs, and a whole host of additional software to make your life easier. Over a period of time you will build up a valuable store of your own personal data. This data could include your personal documents and spread sheets, pictures of your family, or just information you have collected over time. Unfortunately there are people who are dedicated to destroying the integrity of your personal data. These attacks may be an attempt to defraud you, or they may simply be some misguided computer programmer who wishes to prove that he has the skill to destroy your personal data. For these reasons, a first class antivirus program is essential. To complicate matters, there are many on the market, and our site has done all the hard work to assist you in making both the best and most informed choice. We believe that the Avira antivirus products are the best on the market. Subscribing to paid antivirus programs is essential, and while there are free antivirus software offered online, these lack the necessary features and privileges to keep your computer protected at all times.

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Viruses and malwares can cause more than just destroying your files. They can also be used to collect your personal information and send it to third party hackers or malicious organisations. A virus embedding itself in your computer can have devastating consequences on your family and friends. Often, these malware are sent via email or as applications that you install in your computer from social networking sites like Facebook. Malware of this kind installs itself to your computer without your knowledge and connects to the internet when you go online.

Antivirus programs are not created equally thus it is important that you choose wisely. We strongly recommend Avira. It is the virus protection program favoured by the professionals.

Avira antivirus does not only protect your computer from viruses and malware. It also performs a scheduled scan and runs it in the background so that you can work seamlessly without worrying that viruses will come invade your system. It is automatically updated so your computer is up to date even with the most recent viruses definitions. Avira does the work behind the scenes to enable you to enjoy your internet experiences with maximum safety.

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